I would love to talk about your own startup and help you come up with new ideas or strategies.



I write articles on productivity or starting and running a startup. Feel free to check them out on my blog!



You can find and download my books which can help you grow your personal and startup brand.


I love to write and share all the stuff I learn along my own startup road. Right now I the author of 2 books and I developed a physical notebook which helps you be more productive.

📘 Startupism

Learn to think, build and act like a startup founder. In Startupism I will take you on the road of starting and running a startup.

startupism book

📕 Free e-book

Make the most out of your Instagram profile. Once you've got the flywheel running, you can succeed en monetize your account.

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✏️ Notebooks

Love to write down your daily goals and tasks? These notebooks helps you get more productive and focused.


Learn to work with the 'Now, Next & Not yet' method

One of the most structured workflow methods out there: the ‘Now, Next & Not yet’ method is partly based on the ‘Lean Startup’ philosophy. Learn how to give structure on all of your ideas, tasks and to-do’s. This method will basically show you how to work efficiently by dividing your goals into mini-goals. Take one step at a time to accomplish goals faster.


Startupism book

We all know people who say: “I had this one big idea”. But why didn’t they end up building it? Simple. We all overthink too much. We’re stressing over A, obsessing over Z, but forgetting about B to Y. Nothing is an overnight success and you’ll have to start, step by step. In ‘Startupism’ I will take you along this road.

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Hi there ,

My name is Mike and I am the founder of Vindy, Upvoty, Streaky and Workmappy.

I’m crazy for product development, branding, startup business models, productivity and task management. Love to share my startup roadmap. Every Friday I will post a new video on running a start-up.

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